Master Switch KNX Actuator MSA-810 8x10A/230V


MSA-810 is the master module of the universal KNX actuator system.

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The Universal KNX Actuator System is a fully modular actuator system where extension modules can be plugged-in to extend the number of output channels as needed. Up to 72 channels can be used for switching, shutter or blind functions with various size and power.

Extension modules can be plugged-in next to the master module to add extra channels for switching, shutters or blinds. Versions are available in 4 or 8 outputs with rated current of 10A or 16A to fit exactly to your need.

Up to 8 extension modules can be added to the master actuator. Depending on the extension type, you are able to drive up to 72 outputs with the actuator system using a single KNX interface.

The system uses limited space with compact modules. The Master actuator is made for mounting on DIN rail and covers 4TE. Extension modules with 4 channels cover 2TE and 8 channels cover 8TE.

The master switch actuator is driving the complete system with up to 72 channels using extension modules. The master actuator already includes 8 channels 10A. It allows to configure switching, shutter or blind function on any of the channels.


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